When a relationship breaks down it can be difficult for everyone involved. The legal focus is on protecting the rights of the child, which includes concerns for their safety and well-being and their right to have a relationship with both parents. Whilst the parents may have responsibility for their child if parents cannot agree between themselves arrangements in relation to where a child will live and when the child will see or visit the other parent the Courts may have to be asked to make a decision.

We deal with a high number of cases involving children and family law, and can advise you in detail about making arrangements for the children, who they will reside with and how much contact they should have with the other parent.  We can advise you about financial support for children and immediately deal with urgent matters if there is a risk to the child or threat of removal from you or from the country.  We can also provide you with assistance with resolving a specific issue about the upbringing of your child and parental responsibility.

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