The breakdown of your marriage will be one of the most stressful experiences you have.  So we know it is important for you to receive clear and constructive advice from an experienced solicitor who you can trust will swiftly resolve the issues arising from your divorce and your financial arrangements.

The basic legal requirements:

  1. You need to have been married for at least one year and one of you has to have been resident in England or Wales
  2. The court needs to be satisfied that the marriage has irretrievably broken down, usually by relying on one of the following facts:
    • Adultery
    • Unreasonable behaviour
    • Desertion
    • Two years separation (with consent)
    • Five years separation

As divorce solicitors our aim is to make the process as straight-forward as possible. We will provide sound advice on your particular situation and explain all the options open to you.

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