When a relationship breaks down, communication is one of the hardest things to maintain and yet one of the most essential as you make decisions about some of the most important aspects of your life together and how they will be managed now you are apart.

Mediation enables you to maintain constructive communication throughout the separation process and allows you to reach mutually agreeable decisions over your financial matters, division of assets and your children’s futures.

Because you and your partner are helped to reach a settlement together,  it is usually a less divisive process and the outcome is generally more acceptable to both parties.

It is not a binding process,  which means that if you start the process but decide it is not working  for you, you are not obliged to continue with mediation.

Why choose Mediation?

  • Reduces conflict
  • Maintains communication
  • Supports parental co-operation to minimise impact on children
  • Avoids costly and time consuming court proceedings
  • Enables couples to reach their own decisions about their future lives apart

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